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Bankruptcy Filed for Only $5.00! Call (989) 791-1611 for Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, and Chapter 13

  • Why We Are  Different

    Why We Are Different

    It's simple - we are different because we keep it simple and get results. File bankruptcy for only $5.00. With over 30 years of experience we know how to keep you out of court while you keep your home, your car and your wages.


  • Stories About People Like You

    Stories About People Like You

    Often people are ashamed of their bills getting out of hand, but you are not alone.  Filing bankruptcy is not a sign of failure. It's a chance to get a fresh start when times have been tough. Read stories of others just like you who found peace of mind and a new life that started here.


  • Sleep Better Tonight

    Sleep Better Tonight

    Call us today at (989) 791-1611 to set up your free in-office consultation, or fill out the form below. There is no reason to delay getting out from under the incredible stress you are dealing with . Get answers to your pressing questions. We are here to help.


Special Help for Senior Citizens

Spousal death, forced early retirement and health problems can quickly drain the nest egg.  If this is your story, call Mr. Denton today!
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  • Tiffany

    I did not know a lot about bankruptcy or if bankruptcy was right for me. Mr. Denton said, “Let’s take a look at what we know.” We determined my income and then we made up a budget. It became clear that I had no money to pay my creditors, even with a second job, so it was an easy decision. Thank you, Mr. Denton, for helping me through one of the hardest times of my life.

  • Ken

    I met with another attorney. He was very nice but he handed me a booklet of questions to answer and fill out. One page that I was to sign advised me of bad things that would happen if I lied on the forms. I then saw Mr. Denton. No booklet. He personally took the time to gather the necessary information so that we both felt comfortable about my plan for a new life.

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How much does it cost to file bankruptcy?
How will bankruptcy affect my credit?
Should I file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13?
I have been served with a summons and complaint.
My wages are being garnished.
The mortgage company is starting foreclosure.
My car has been repossessed.
Consumers shut off my power.
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